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-- See Also Hours of labor
Here are entered works on the hours that employees are at work. Works on the number of hours of labor necessary to accomplish a task are entered under Labor time. Works on the units produced by workers in relation to a given effort or unit of time expended are entered under Labor productivity.
-- See Also Labor
Here are entered works on the collective human activities involved in the production and distribution of goods and services. Works on the physical or mental exertion of individuals to produce or accomplish something are entered under Work.
-- See Also Manual work
-- See Also Mental work
-- See Also Occupations

--subdivision Occupations under names of individual religious and monastic orders, e.g. Jesuits--Occupations; and subdivision Vocational guidance under names of individual corporate bodies and military services, and under occupations, fields of endeavor, and types of industries, e.g., United States. Army--Vocational guidance; Construction industry--Vocational guidance; and subdivision Career in [field] under names of persons
-- See Also Performance
-- See Also Seasonal labor
-- See Also Vocation
Here are entered works dealing with the occupation of an individual in the sense of employment to which he is destined by nature, or called, as it were, by some higher power.
-- See Also Work-life balance
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