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Voyages and travels
-- See Also Aeronautics Flights

--subdivision Aerial exploration under names of countries, etc.
-- See Also Air travel
-- See Also Buccaneers
Here are entered works on sea adventurers who preyed upon Spanish ships and settlements in the Caribbean area from the late 1500's to the early 1700's, but chiefly in the 17th century.
-- See Also Discoveries in geography

--subdivisions Discovery and exploration and Aerial exploration under names of countries, cities, etc.
-- See Also Grand tours (Education)
Here are entered works on extended tours of Europe made by upper-class British youth as part of their education.
-- See Also Literary journeys
Here are entered works on travel to places related to authors' lives or to the settings of their works. Works on travel as a theme in literature are entered under Travel in literature.
-- See Also Ocean travel
-- See Also Overland journeys to the Pacific
Here are entered accounts of the crossing of the continent under pioneer conditions, on foot, on horseback, by wagon, etc.
-- See Also Papal visits
-- See Also Railroad travel
-- See Also Scientific expeditions

--names of regions explored, e.g. Africa, Central; Antarctica; Arctic regions; also names of expeditions, and names of ships
-- See Also Seafaring life

--subdivision Sea life under names of individual navies, e.g. United States. Navy--Sea life
-- See Also Shipwrecks

--names of wrecked vessels
-- See Also Space flights
Here are entered works giving accounts of events and experiences during specific manned space flights. General and technical works on manned space travel are entered under Manned space flight. Works on the physics and technical details of locomotion beyond the earth's atmosphere are entered under Space flight. General works on the scientific, technological, and engineering disciplines needed for the exploration of outer space are entered under Astronautics. General works on travel to the planets or to the stars are entered under Interplanetary voyages or Interstellar travel.
-- See Also Travel
Here are entered works on the art of travel, etc. Works on voyages and travels are entered under the heading Voyages and travels.

--subdivision Description and travel under names of countries, cities, etc.; and subdivision Travel under names of individual persons and corporate bodies, classes of persons, and ethnic groups
-- See Also Travelers
Here are entered works on people who take trips or journeys. Works on the traditionally itinerant peoples of Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales are entered under Irish Travellers (Nomadic people); Scottish Travellers (Nomadic people); English Travellers (Nomadic people); and Welsh Travellers (Nomadic people)
-- See Also Voyages to the Pacific coast
Here are entered works on sea voyages from the eastern part of the United States, around Cape Horn or across the Isthmus of Panama, primarily from the time of gold discovery until the completion of the transcontinental railroads.
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