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-- See Also Computer-assisted instruction
Here are entered works on an automated method of instruction in which a student interacts directly with instructional materials stored in a computer. Works on the use of computers to assist teachers and administrators in coordinating the instructional process, e.g. retrieving and summarizing performance records and curriculum files, are entered under Computer managed instruction.

--subdivision Computer-assisted instruction under topical headings, e.g. Chemistry--Computer-assisted instruction and subdivisions Computer-assisted instruction, Computer-assisted instruction for foreign speakers, and Computer-assisted instruction for French, [Spanish, etc.] speakers under individual languages, e.g. English language--Computer-assisted instruction
-- See Also Cyberspace
-- See Also Information technology
Here are entered works on the acquisition, processing, storage and dissemination of vocal, pictorial, textual and numeric information by microelectronics, computers and telecommunication.

--subdivision Information technology under names of individual corporate bodies, and under disciplines, types of industries, services, and organizations, e.g. Construction industry--Information technology
-- See Also Medical telematics
-- See Also Telecommuting
Here are entered works on the use of computer and telecommunications technologies to permit employees to substitute telecommunications for transportation thereby allowing some or all of a job to be performed at home, or at other off-site locations, such as telecommuting centers.
-- See Also Telemarketing
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