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Tape recorder music
-- See Electronic music
Here are entered musical works not in a specific form or of a specific type that consist solely of sounds performed live on electronic instruments or recorded from electronic instruments or other analog sources and sometimes subsequently rearranged or altered.The term "electronics" is used as the medium of performance in headings for forms and types of electronic music, e.g. Suites (Electronics) and for forms and types of music that combine electronic music with other mediums of performance, e.g. Sacred songs (High voice) with electronics; Septets (Electronics, percussion)

--headings for forms and types of music that include "electronics" and headings with medium of performance that include "electronics"
-- See Musique concrète
Here are entered works in which the sounds produced were originally recorded from natural sounds and subsequently rearranged or altered. The heading is used as a second heading when the recorded sounds are used with a specifically named medium of performance, e.g. 1. Quintets (Clarinet, flute, harp, viola, cello); 2. Musique concrète.
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