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Rockets (Aeronautics)
-- See Also Ballistic missiles
Here are entered works on high-altitude, high-speed atomic missiles which are self-propelled and guided in the first stage of flight only, after which the trajectory becomes natural and uncontrolled. Works on conventional missiles are entered under Projectiles. Works on powered and guided missiles are entered under Rockets (Ordnance) and Guided missiles.
-- See Also Interplanetary voyages
Here are entered general works on travel to the planets. Works on the physics and technical details of locomotion beyond the earth's atmosphere are entered under Space flight. General and technical works on manned space travel are entered under Manned space flight. General works on the scientific, technological, and engineering disciplines needed for the exploration of outer space are entered under Astronautics. Works giving accounts of events and experiences during specific manned space flights are entered under Space flights.
-- See Also Jet propulsion
-- See Also Nuclear rockets
-- See Also Rocket engines
-- See Also Space ships
-- See Also Viking rockets
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