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Learning and scholarship
-- See Also Education

--subdivision Education under names of denominations, sects, orders, etc., e.g. Jesuits--Education; and under special classes of people and various social groups, e.g. Blind--Education; Children with mental disabilities--Education; Children of migrant laborers--Education; also subdivision Study and teaching under special subjects, e.g. Science--Study and teaching; and headings beginning with the word Educational
-- See Also Humanities
Here are entered works on the branches of learning regarded as having a cultural character, including literature, the arts, history, philosophy, religion, etc.
-- See Also Learned institutions and societies

--subdivision Societies, etc. under names of individual persons, families, and corporate bodies, and under classes of persons, ethnic groups, uniform titles of sacred works, and topical headings; and names of individual learned institutions and societies
-- See Also Pedantry
-- See Also Research
Here are entered general works on research, and with local subdivision, works on research carried out in specific places. Works on research about a particular region, country, etc. are entered under the name of the region, country, etc. with the subdivision Research.

--subdivision Research under names of countries, cities, etc.; and under subjects
-- See Also Scholars
-- See Also Wisdom
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