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Language and culture -- Europe. : Dorren, Gaston,  2015 1
Language and culture -- French-speaking countries -- Periodicals.   1997 1
Language and culture -- History. : Mengham, Rod,  1994 1
Language and culture -- Italy. : Hales, Dianne R.,  2009 1
Language and culture -- Papua New Guinea -- Gapun.   2
Language and culture -- United States.   6
  Language and education -- 2 Related Subjects   2
Language and emotions.   7
Language and emotions -- Juvenile fiction. : Walden, Brandon,  2020 1
Language and emotions -- Juvenile literature. : Davis, Bela,  2022 1
Language and emotions -- Korea (South) : Yi, Ki-ju,  2016 1
  Language and history -- See Also Historical linguistics
Language and history -- Australia. : Richards, Kel,  2021 1
Language and international relations. : Halliday, Fred.  2010 1
  Language and languages -- 30 Related Subjects   30
Language and languages.   20
  Language and languages Acquisition -- See Language acquisition
Here are entered works which discuss from the linguistic or psycholinguistic viewpoint the process of the acquisition of the native language in children. Works which discuss child language in general or within an educational framework, including general characteristics and usage, are entered under the heading Children--Language.

--subdivision Acquisition under names of individual languages, e.g. English language--Acquisition
Language and languages -- Alphabet -- Juvenile literature. : Heck, Ellen,  2022 1
Language and languages -- Christianity. : Downs, Annie F.,  2020 1
  Language and languages Classification -- See Also Typology (Linguistics)
  Language and languages Data processing -- See Computational linguistics
Here are entered works on the applications of computers in processing and analyzing language. Works on the computer processing of natural language for the purpose of enabling humans to interact with computers in natural language are entered under Natural language processing (Computer science).
  Language and languages Diacritics -- See Diacritics

--subdivision Diacritics under individual languages, e.g. French language--Diacritics
  Language and languages Dialects -- See Dialectology

--subdivision Dialectology under names of languages and groups of languages, e.g. English language--Dialectology
  Language and languages Dictionaries -- See Also Dictionaries, Polyglot

--subdivision Dictionaries--Polyglot under topical subjects and individual languages, e.g. English language--Dictionaries--Polyglot
  Language and languages Diffusion -- See Language spread
  Language and languages Errors, inventions, etc. -- See Imaginary languages
  Language and languages Etymology -- 2 Related Subjects   2
Language and languages -- Etymology : McWhorter, John H.  2011 1
Language and languages -- Fiction.   3
Language and languages -- Folklore. : Wilton, David,  2004 1
  Language and languages Foreign elements -- See Also Language and languages Foreign words and phrases

--subdivision Foreign words and phrases under individual languages, e.g. English language--Foreign words and phrases
Language and languages -- Foreign elements. : Sanders, Ella Frances.  2014 1
Language and languages -- Foreign words and phrases. : Jacot de Boinod, Adam.  2006 1
  Language and languages Grammar, Comparative -- See Grammar, Comparative and general
Here are entered: 1. Works comparing and classifying the grammatical structure of genetically unrelated languages or groups of languages; 2. Works in which the principles of grammar in general are discussed, i.e. general, philosophical or universal grammar. Works which present a specific comparison of the grammars of two or more languages or groups of languages are entered under the name of the language, with the subdivision Grammar, Comparative, e.g. 1. Slavic languages--Grammar, Comparative; or, 1. Russian language--Grammar, Comparative--English. 2. English language--Grammar, Comparative--Russian; or, 1. Slavic languages--Grammar, Comparative--Germanic. 2 Germanic languages--Grammar, Comparative--Slavic.

--subdivision Grammar, Comparative under names of languages
Language and languages -- Grammars -- Study and teaching (Elementary) : Rosenberg, Mandie L.  2002 1
  Language and languages History -- See Historical linguistics
Language and languages in art.   2009 1
Language and languages in literature.   2
Language and languages in motion pictures -- Exhibitions.   2015 1
Language and languages -- Juvenile fiction.   20
Language and languages -- Juvenile literature.   6
Language and languages -- Juvenile poetry. : Mora, Pat,  2018 1
  Language and languages Lexicology -- See Lexicology
Here are entered general works and works on English lexicology. Works dealing with the lexicology of other languages are entered under names of specific languages, with subdivision Lexicology, e.g. French language--Lexicology.
  Language and languages Maintenance -- See Language maintenance
Here are entered works on the continued use of a language in a multilingual setting, especially when in competition with culturally or numerically more influential languages.
Language and languages, modern-study and teaching (Elementary) : Bumpass, Faye L.  1963 1
  Language and languages Obsolescence -- See Language obsolescence

--subdivision Obsolete words under individual languages or groups of languages, e.g. English language--Obsolete words
Language and languages -- Origin.   10
  Language and languages Orthography and spelling -- 4 Related Subjects   4
Language and languages -- Orthography and spelling -- Juvenile fiction. : Sanvoisin, Eric,  2019 1
Language and languages -- Periodicals.   2
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