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Mark   Media Year
  Kim, Yong-Joo -- See Kim, Yong-ju
  Kim, Yong Ki, 1912- -- See Kim, Yong-gi, 1912-
  Kim, Yong Kwon -- See Kim, Yong-gwŏn
  Kim, Yŏng-sam, 1927- -- See Kim, Young Sam, 1927-
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  Kim, Yong Uck -- See Kim, Young Uck
  Kim, Yŏng-un, 1915- -- See Kim, Young Oon, 1915-
  Kim, Yong Woon, 1927- -- See Kim, Yong-un, 1927-
  Kim, Yongah, 1973- -- See Kim, Yong-a, 1973-
  Kim, Yoon-jin, 1973- -- See Kim, Yunjin, 1973-
  Kim, Yoon-shik, 1936- -- See Kim, Yun-sik, 1936-
  Kim, Young-Bin -- See Kim, Yŏng-bin
  Kim, Young Dong -- See Kim, Yŏng-dong
  Black flower -- See Kŏmŭn kkot. English
  I have the right to destroy myself -- See Na nŭn na rŭl pʻagoehal kwŏlli ka itta. English
Kim, Young-ha, 1968- -- Translations into English. : Kim, Young-ha,     
      Diary of a murderer : and other stories / Young-ha Kim ; translated from the Korean by Krys Lee. GDL Central Library Fiction:Available   Book 2019
  Your republic is calling you -- See Pit ŭi cheguk. English
  Kim, Young-Hee -- See Also Kim, Yŏng-hŭi
  Kim, Young Il, 1914- -- See Kim, Yŏng-il, 1914-
  Kim, Young-ja, 1945- -- See Kim, Yŏng-ja, 1945-
  Kim, Young Kee, 1941 January 9- -- See Kim, Yŏng-gi, 1941 January 9-
  Kim, Young-Kook -- See Kim, Yong-guk
  Kim, Young Kuk, 1930- -- See Kim, Yong-guk, 1930-
  Kim, Young Kwon -- See Also Kim, Yong-gwŏn
  Kim, Young-kyu -- See Kim, Yŏng-gyu
  Kim, Young Mo, 1953- -- See Kim, Yŏng-mo, 1953-
  Kim, Young-Moo, 1944- -- See Kim, Yŏng-mu, 1944-
  Kim, Young-Soo -- See Also Kim, Yŏng-su
  Kim, Young Sook -- See Kim, Yŏng-suk
  Kim, Young Soon -- See Kim, Yŏng-sun
  Kim, Young-Suk -- See Kim, Yŏng-suk
  Kim, Young-Woon, 1927- -- See Kim, Yong-un, 1927-
  Kim, Youngse -- See Kim, Yŏng-se
Kim, Yu-ra. : Pak, Mang-nye,     
      Pak Mang-nye, idaero chugŭl sun ŏptta : tokbojŏk yut'yubŏ Pak Mang-nye wa ch'ŏnjae PD sonnyŏ Kim Yu-r GDL Central Library International Languages:Available   Book 2019
  Kim, Yumee, 1941- -- See Kim, Yu-mi, 1941-
  Kim, Yun-gyŏng -- See Also Kara (Illustrator)
  Kim, Yun-jin, 1973- -- See Kim, Yunjin, 1973-
  Kim, Yun Kyung, 1894-1969 -- See Kim, Yun-gyŏng, 1894-1969
  Kĩmaathi wa Waciũri, 1920-1957 -- See Kimathi, Dedan, 1920-1957
  Kimathi wa Waciuri, 1920-1957 -- See Kimathi, Dedan, 1920-1957
  Kimball Art Museum -- See Kimbell Art Museum
  Kimball, Charles A. (Charles Anthony) -- See Kimball, Charles
  Kimball, Charles (Charles Anthony), 1950- -- See Kimball, Charles
  Kimball, Chris -- See Kimball, Christopher
  Kimball, Debi -- See Strong, Debra L.
  Kimball, Debra L. -- See Strong, Debra L.
Kimball, Fiske, 1888-1955. : Howard, Hugh,     
      Dr. Kimball and Mr. Jefferson : rediscovering the founding fathers of American architecture / Hugh Ho GDL Brand Library Non-Fiction:Available   Book 2006
  Kimball, Frank, 1916- -- See Also Paine, Lauran
  Kimball, Gwen -- See Also Gard, Robert Edward
  Kimball, Hannah -- 2 Related Subjects    
  Kimball, Heber Chase, 1801-1868 -- See Kimball, Heber C. (Heber Chase), 1801-1868
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