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Num Mark Subjects (1-4 of 4) Media Year
1   Government liability -- 2 Related Subjects    
2   Government liability insurance -- See Government risk insurance
Here are entered works on insurance protection against risks involving government agencies, especially losses and claims connected with government-owned property or resulting from wrongful actions of government officials and employees. Works on insurance underwritten by government authorities are entered under Government insurance.
3   Government liability (International law) -- See Also Claims

--subdivision Claims under names of countries, cities, etc., and under ethnic groups, and individual wars, e.g. United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Claims; and subdivision Claims vs. [name of country or party against which claims are brought] under names of countries, cities, etc., and individual corporate bodies and persons who are claimants, e.g. Maryland--Claims vs. United States
4   Government liability Law and legislation -- See Government liability
Here are entered works on the liability of the state for wrongful acts of officials. Works on criminal offenses committed by government officials in the performance of their duties are entered under Misconduct in office. Works on offenses against professional ethics or against discipline are entered under names of countries, cities, government departments, etc. with subdivision Officials and employees--Discipline. Works on specific offenses are entered under the name of the offense, e.g. Bribery. Works on the personal liability of government officials to the state or to individuals for wrongful acts committed in office are entered under Administrative responsibility.
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