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-- See Also Banshees
-- See Also Ethnic folklore
Here are entered works on the folklore of ethnic groups in general. Works on the folklore of specific ethnic groups are entered under the name of the ethnic group with the subdivision Folklore, e.g. Swedish Americans--Folklore.
-- See Also Fables
Use for tales intended to teach moral lessons, often with animals or inanimate objects speaking and acting like human beings and usually with the lesson stated briefly at the end. A novel belonging to this genre is George Orwell?s Animal farm.
-- See Also Fairies
-- See Also Fairy tales
Use for short simple narratives often of folk origin and usually intended for children, involving fantastic forces and magical beings such as dragons, elves, fairies, goblins, witches and wizards.
-- See Also Folk festivals
-- See Also Folk literature
-- See Also Folk music
For folk music of a specific ethnic group, an additional subject entry is made under the heading [ethnic group]--[place]--Music.

--see also headings for music of individual instruments followed by the qualifier "(Folk)" and the subdivisions Methods (Folk) and Studies and exercises (Folk) under individual musical instruments and families of instruments
-- See Also Folklorists
-- See Also Geographical myths
Here are entered works on legendary or mythical places. Works on imaginary places created for literary or artistic purposes are entered under Imaginary places.
-- See Also Graffiti

--subdivision Graffiti under individual wars, e.g. World War, 1939-1945--Graffiti
-- See Also Grail
-- See Also Legends
Use for works of traditional narrative, especially those handed down from early times and popularly regarded as historical. Legends are generally about an individual figure, e.g. Robin Hood, the Flying Dutchman, Faust.
-- See Also Legends

--subdivision Legends under subjects, e.g. Martyrs--Legends; Mary, Blessed Virgin, Saint--Legends
-- See Also Material culture
Here are entered works on the objects made or used by people, especially the folk artifacts produced by traditional methods, as well as techniques of their production. Works limited to the techniques of production of pre-literate and folk cultures are entered under Industries, Primitive. Works on the material culture of particular ethnic groups are entered under the name of the group with the subdivision Material culture, e.g. Indians of North America--Material culture.
-- See Also Monsters
-- See Also Mythology

--subdivision Mythology under topical headings
-- See Also Oral tradition
-- See Also Superstition
-- See Also Tall tales
Use for tales and short stories as well as novels and novellas (short novels) characterized by bragging and exaggeration of the truth.
-- See Also Traditional medicine

--subdivision Medicine under ethnic groups
-- See Also Tricksters
-- See Also Urban folklore
Here are entered general works on folklore in urban areas. This heading may be divided geographically by names of individual regions, countries, states, etc. Works on folklore in specific cities or other urban areas are entered under the heading Folklore with the appropriate geographic subdivision. Works on cities and towns as a theme in folklore are entered under Cities and towns--Folklore.
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