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Factory and trade waste
-- See Also Animal waste

--subdivision Housing--Waste disposal under individual animals and groups of animals, e.g. Cattle--Housing--Waste disposal
-- See Also Hazardous wastes
-- See Also Organic wastes
-- See Also Pollution
Here are entered works on the condition resulting from the action of environmental contaminants. Works on the substances which contaminate or degrade the environment are entered under Pollutants.

--subdivision Environmental aspects under individual environmental pollutants, e.g. Copper--Environmental aspects
-- See Also Refuse and refuse disposal

--subdivision Waste disposal under types of industries, industrial processes, facilities and institutions, e.g. Construction industry--Waste disposal; Metals--Finishing--Waste disposal; Universities and colleges--Waste disposal
-- See Also Waste products
Here are entered works on the debris resulting from a process, such as manufacturing, that is of no further use to the system producing it. Works on commercial products with recycled content are entered under Recycled products.

--subdivision By-products under specific industries, e.g. Gas manufacture and works--By-products
-- See Also Water reuse
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