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Mark   Media Year
  El Santo, -1984 -- See Guzmán Huerta, Rodolfo, -1984
  El-Sarraj, Eyad -- See Sarraj, Eyad
  El Shafee, Magdy -- See Shāfiʻī, Majdī
  El, Shalev Ad-, 1968- -- See Ad-El, Shalev, 1968-
Your entry El-Sherbini, Magda would be here
  El Tajín Site (Mexico) -- See Tajín Site (Mexico)
  El. Ṭī. Ṭī. Ī. -- See Tamiḻīḻa Viṭutalaippulikaḷ (Association)
  El Tiant, 1940- -- See Tiant, Luis, 1940-
  El Tigallo -- See Phonte
  El Topo (Motion picture) -- See Topo (Motion picture)
  El Toro -- See Reighley, Kurt B.
  El Zeini, Dr., 1918- -- See El Zeini, Hanny, 1918-
  ELA -- See European Association for Education Law and Policy
  Ela, the outcast, Author of -- See Prest, Thomas Peckett
  Élábéemah Hahoodzo -- See Alabama
  Elaborations on emptiness -- See Tripiṭaka. Sūtrapiṭaka. Prajñāpāramitā. Hr̥daya. English
  Elachanthera -- See Asparagus
  Elaeagnus -- See Also Russian olive
  Elaeagnus angustifolia -- See Russian olive
  Elaeodendron argan -- See Argania spinosa
Elagabalus 218 222 Rome History : Grant, Michael,     
      Sick Caesars / Michael Grant. GDL Central Library Non-Fiction:Available   Book 2000
  Elagin, I︠U︡. (I︠U︡riĭ), 1910-1987 -- See Elagin, I︠U︡riĭ, 1910-1987
  Elagin, I︠U︡riĭ Borisovich, 1910-1987 -- See Elagin, I︠U︡riĭ, 1910-1987
  Elahi, Ataollah -- See Elahi, Ata
  Elahi Ghomshei, Hosein -- See Ilāhī Qumshahʼī, Ḥusayn
  Elâhī, Nūr ʻAlī, 1895-1974 -- See Ilāhī, Nūr ʻAlī, 1895-1974
  Elahi, Ostad, 1895-1974 -- See Ilāhī, Nūr ʻAlī, 1895-1974
  Elahi, Sadred-din -- See Ilāhī, Ṣadr al-Dīn
  Elam, Jack, 1916-2003 -- See Elam, Jack, 1920-2003
  Elam, Keith -- See Guru (Musician)
  Elam, Stanley -- See Elam, Stanley Munson
  Elam, Stanley M. (Stanley Munson) -- See Elam, Stanley Munson
  Elam, William Scott, 1920-2003 -- See Elam, Jack, 1920-2003
  Elamite art -- See Art, Elamite
  Elan, of the Dey -- See Rivera, Élan Luz
  Élan vital -- See Vital force
  Elaphe -- See Rat snakes
  Elaphe guttata -- See Corn snake
  Elaphurus davidianus -- See Père David's deer
  Elapid snakes -- See Elapidae
  Elapidae -- 5 Related Subjects    
Elapidae -- Juvenile literature.    
      Kraits / by Ellen Frazel. GDL Central Library Children's Non-fiction:Available, GDL Pacific Park Library Children's Non-fiction:Available   Book 2012
      Serpientes venenosas / Lynn M. Stone ; traducido por Aída Marcuse. GDL Pacific Park Library Children's International Languages:Available   Book 2002
  Elapids -- See Elapidae
  Elasmognathus -- See Tapirs
  Elastic Band (Joshua Redman) -- See Joshua Redman Elastic Band
  Elastic fabrics -- See Also Stretch woven fabrics
  Elastic properties -- See Elasticity

--subdivision Elastic properties under individual materials and types of materials, e.g. Metals--Elastic properties
  Elastic rods and wires -- See Also Bars (Engineering)
Here are entered theoretical and technical works on rods and bars as members of engineering structures. Works on the mathematical theories of elasticity in rods are entered under Elastic rods and wires.
  Elastic solids -- 2 Related Subjects    
  Elastic waves -- 2 Related Subjects    
  Elasticity -- 7 Related Subjects    
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