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Mark   Media Year
  Aryan Nations (Organization) -- See Church of Jesus Christ Christian, Aryan Nations
  Āryan Nizhād, Shāpūr -- See Āryanʹnizhād, Shāpūr
  Aryan philology -- See Indo-European philology

--names of languages and literatures belonging to the Indo-European group
  Aryanisation -- See Aryanization
Here are entered works on the process of transferring Jewish businesses to German control that took place under the Nazi regime during the period from 1930 through 1941.
Your entry Aryanization would be here
  Aryanpur Kashani, Manoochehr -- See Aryanpur, Manoochehr
  Āryānpūr Kāshānī, Manūchihr -- See Aryanpur, Manoochehr
  Aryans -- 3 Related Subjects    
  Aryashura -- See Aśvaghoṣa
  Aryeh ben David -- See David, Aryeh Ben
  Arystofanes -- See Aristophanes
  Arystoteles -- See Aristotle
  Āryūbarzan, active 4th century B.C. -- See Ariobarzanes, active 4th century B.C.
  Arzach (Armenia) -- See Artsʻakh (Armenia)
  Arzak, Mikołaj, 1925-1988 -- See Daniėlʹ, I︠U︡liĭ, 1925-1988
Arzak (Restaurant). : Arzak, Juan Mari,     
      Arzak secrets / Juan Mari Arzak. GDL Central Library Non-Fiction:Available   Book 2015
  Arzáns Orsúa y Vela, Bartolomé, 1676-1736 -- See Arzáns de Orsúa y Vela, Bartolomé, 1676-1736
  Arze, Reginaldo Ustariz -- See Ustariz Arze, Reginaldo
  Arzhak, Nikolaĭ, 1925-1988 -- See Daniėlʹ, I︠U︡liĭ, 1925-1988
  Arzhang, Riz̤ā, 1969 or 70- -- See Arzhang, Riz̤ā, 1969 or 1970-
  Arzhur, Roue -- See Arthur, King
  Arzo, Silvio d' -- See D'Arzo, Silvio
  Arzoomanian, M. V. -- See Arzumanyan, M. V. (Makichʻ Vahani)
  Arzoomanian, Ralph, 1937- -- See Arzoomanian, Raffi, 1937-
  Arzoumanian, Paghtassar -- See Arzumanyan, Baghdasar
  Arzoumanian, Z. (Zaven) -- See Arzoumanian, Zaven
  Arzowmanyan, Makichʻ Vahani -- See Arzumanyan, M. V. (Makichʻ Vahani)
  Arzowmanyan, Sewak -- See Arzumanyan, Sevak
  Ärzte ohne Grenzen e.V. -- See Médecins sans frontières (Association)
  Arzumanean, Alikʻ -- See Arzoumanian, Alik
  Arzumanean, Sewak -- See Arzumanyan, Sevak
  Arzumanean, Zawēn -- See Arzoumanian, Zaven
  Arzumani︠a︡n, A. M. (Ashot Martirosovich) -- See Arzumani︠a︡n, Ashot
  Arzumanian, Alikʻ -- See Arzoumanian, Alik
  Arzumani︠a︡n, Ashot Martirosovich -- See Arzumani︠a︡n, Ashot
  Ōrbeli eghbayrner -- See Bratʹi︠a︡ Orbeli. Armenian
  Arzumani︠a︡n, Bagdasar -- See Arzumanyan, Baghdasar
  Arzumanian, M. V. (Makichʻ Vahani) -- See Arzumanyan, M. V. (Makichʻ Vahani)
  Arzumani︠a︡n, Makich Vaganovich -- See Arzumanyan, M. V. (Makichʻ Vahani)
  Arzumanian, Sevag -- See Arzumanyan, Sevak
  Arzumanian, Sevak -- See Arzumanyan, Sevak
  Arzumanian, Zavēn -- See Arzoumanian, Zaven
  Arzumanian, Zawēn -- See Arzoumanian, Zaven
  Arzumanyan, Alikʻ -- See Arzoumanian, Alik
  Arzumanyan, Ashot -- See Arzumani︠a︡n, Ashot
  Arzumanyan, M. (Makichʻ) -- See Arzumanyan, M. V. (Makichʻ Vahani)
  Arzumanyan, Makichʻ Vahani -- See Arzumanyan, M. V. (Makichʻ Vahani)
Arzumanyan, Ṛobert, 1940-2000.      
      Mi kyankʻ : Ṛobert Arzumanyan ; [khmbagir, Gr. Janikyan] GDL Central Library International Languages:Available   Book 2004
  Arzumanyan, Zaven -- See Arzoumanian, Zaven
  Arzumanyan, Zawēn -- See Arzoumanian, Zaven
  A's (Baseball team) -- See Philadelphia Athletics (Baseball team)
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