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  Doctors' degrees -- See Degrees, Academic
Here are entered works on the titles awarded by universities and colleges upon completion of a program of study. Works on the documents issued to students by educational institutions that show records of graduation and/or conferments of academic degrees are entered under Diplomas.

--subdivision Degrees under names of individual educational institutions for lists of degrees awarded by those institutions, e.g. Harvard University--Degrees
  Doctors, Fear of -- See Fear of doctors
  Doctors of medicine -- See Physicians
  Doctors' offices -- See Medical offices
Your entry Doctors (Television program) would be here
  Doctors without Borders (Association) -- See Médecins sans frontières (Association)
Doctors without Borders (Association) -- Biography. : Orbinski, James.  2008 1
Doctors without Borders (Association) -- Fiction. : Reich, Christopher,  2009 1
  Doctors, Zoo -- See Zoo veterinarians
  Doctrina de los doce Apostoles -- See Didache
Doctrinal And Controversial Works Catholic Church Catholic Authors   5
Doctrinal And Controversial Works Lutheran Church : Mayer, F. E,  1956 1
Doctrinal And Controversial Works Mormons   3
Doctrinal And Controversial Works Seventh Day Adventists   2
Doctrinal And Controversial Works Shakers : Whitson, Robley Edward.  1983 1
Doctrinal And Controversial Works Unitarian Churches : Mendelsohn, Jack,  1960 1
Doctrinal And Controversial Works Watch Tower Bible And Tract Society : Stevenson, William Charles,  1967 1
  Doctrinal anthropology -- See Theological anthropology
Here are entered works on the theology of humankind. Works on the branch of learning that treats religion from an anthropological perspective are entered under Anthropology of religion.
  Doctrinal development, Christian -- See Dogma, Development of
Doctrinal Nourishment Ensor James 1860 1949 Exhibitions : Papanikolas, Theresa.  2009 1
  Doctrinal theology -- See Theology, Doctrinal
Here are entered works on the doctrines of Christianity treated collectively. Works on Christian dogma in the abstract are entered under Dogma. Works on the dogma or doctrines of non-Christian religions are entered under the individual religion with subdivision Doctrines, e.g. Buddhism--Doctrines.

--subdivision Doctrines under individual denominations, e.g. Catholic Church--Doctrines
Doctrine and Covenants -- Congresses. : Sperry Symposium  1996 1
Doctrine Buddhism China : Xingyun,  1999 1
  Doctrine des douze apôtres -- See Didache
  Doctrine, Development of Christian -- See Dogma, Development of
  Doctrine, Military -- See Military doctrine
  Doctrine of fairness (Broadcasting) -- See Fairness doctrine (Broadcasting)
Here are entered works dealing with the requirement that broadcasters presenting one side of a controversial issue of public importance must afford reasonable opportunity for the presentation of contrasting views. Works dealing with the requirement that equal opportunities for broadcasting be afforded to all legally qualified candidates for public office if any one such candidate is permitted to broadcast are entered under Equal time rule (Broadcasting).
  Doctrine of the mean -- See Zhong yong
  Doctrine of the Twelve Apostles -- See Didache
  Doctrine of trust responsibility, Federal-Indian -- See Federal-Indian trust relationship
Doctrines Adventists History 20th Century : Tkach, Joseph.  1997 1
Doctrines Amish   2
Doctrines Anglican Communion   2
Doctrines Anglican Communion Miscellanea   2020 1
Doctrines Armenian Church   14
Doctrines Armenian Church Early Works To 1800 : Eznik,  2019 1
Doctrines Bahai Faith   3
Doctrines Baptists : McMickle, Marvin Andrew,  2014 1
Doctrines Brahmakumari : Strano, Anthony,  2011 1
Doctrines Buddhism   106
Doctrines Buddhism China Tibet : Mullin, Glenn H.  2003 1
Doctrines Buddhism China Tibet Autonomous Region   9
Doctrines Buddhism China Tibet Autonomous Region Early Works To 1800 : Karma-gliṅ-pa,  2018 1
Doctrines Buddhism Early Works To 1800 : Chödrön, Pema.  2019 1
Doctrines Buddhism Himalaya Mountains Region : Ortner, Sherry B.,  1978 1
Doctrines Catholic Church   76
Doctrines Catholic Church Biography   2005 1
Doctrines Catholic Church Catholic Authors   1983 1
Doctrines Catholic Church Early Works To 1800   3
Doctrines Catholic Church Forecasting : Allen, John L.,  2009 1
Doctrines Catholic Church History   8
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